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Cayenne Pepper Powder


Cayenne pepper has some unique metabolic and thermogenic properties based on its capsaicin content (which is the active ingredient). Cayenne pepper has been noted for hundreds of years to increase perspiration and influence body temperature.  Cayenne’s effects on thermogenesis are mainly attributed to capsaicin’s activation of the sympathetic nervous system (you know, stimulation of epinephrine and norepinephrine).  This results in enhanced energy metabolism, more calories being used, and a feeling of warmth. According to other research, cayenne pepper can also help decrease appetite and lowers food intake (eat less, gain less weight!).  When looking for a cayenne pepper product, make sure it contains a standardized amount of capsaicin. A good dose is 30 mg 3 times daily.  I actually sprinkle cayenne pepper on each of my food meals!


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